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R2TheB Cooks: Anchovy & Courgette Pasta

Love or hate anchovies, there’s no denying they pack a flavour punch. I like to add them to lots of different dishes, for example; eggs fried in anchovy butter, simply mash the anchovies into some butter and fry the eggs in it, are a favourite in our house. If you love anchovies too I highly recommend this simple recipe, I make it regularly as it’s minimal effort and really tasty.

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R2theB Cooks - Coconutty Granola

This recipe is quick, super tasty, but what makes it really special is, it's so basic you can get your kid to help make it with minimal intervention (although, if you're like me, your version of minimal intervention is standing right over them, vice grip on their tiny hand going "why. don't. we. do. it. together. darling" through pretend smily gritted teeth knowing you will fucking lose the plot if one single glob of oaty goo goes on your kitchen tiles).

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