Tomorrow, You Are Four - a short letter for Frank.

To my dearest Frank,


Tomorrow, you are four. I can scarcely believe it, and yet, it feels like you’ve been here forever. I can barely remember life before you my wonderful boy. The time has both flown and dragged, it’s a bizarre juxtaposition, but here we are on the eve of your fourth birthday, when, I personally feel, you are officially a boy and no longer have a hint of baby or toddler about you. I’m sad that time is passing and you’re growing up so fast but I’m also so happy you, me and your daddy have all gotten this far and have had a lot fun, joy, love and laughter along the way, and now we have your little brother Thomas, who you love so much, here to join us on this gorgeous journey. We are all so very fortunate. There are times when we are exhausted and you test our patience but as you grow I see what a kind, funny, caring and smart little boy you’ve become and I feel both proud of myself and proud of you. I love your little personality: your inquisitive nature, your sense of humour, your intelligence, your empathy and even your capacity for worry. You remind me so much of me and sometimes (okay, a lot of times!) that really challenges me but it also allows me to understand you better than anyone, it’s also helped me understand, and be kinder to, more parts of myself as well. Thank you for making me a mother and a better person. I love you Frank, happy birthday.


Mama x